Test Tools

The below tools can aid you in identifying potential processing errors when integrating to MyGate’s Transaction Pipe Line Specification. Tools are also provided to gain a better understanding of the transaction process.

Authorization Payment Process Demo

The authorization payment process demo will walk you through the payment process enabling you to get a better understanding of each step.

3D Secure Payment Process Demo

This demo will take you through the 3D Secure payment process. You will be able to see payment processing pages relating to card capture and 3D Secure Authentication.

DeBug Mode

Use this tool to validate your input parameters sent in your message request to MyGate. This tool will list all name/value pairs that were sent through in your form post.

Response Code Manager

Use this tool to identify any error messages generated and also receive suggested actions to fix the error. In every message request type sent to the Transaction Pipeline a response message type will be generated by MyGate.