Button Payments
Button Payments

Button payments is an easy way to create payment buttons for your website. No integration or coding experience is required.

Button Payments is a great solution for organizations that want to accept donations. Using Button Payments takes away the requirement to integrate a website. To create a button, enter applicable information such as an item description and price into MyGate’s button creator. HTML code is then automatically generated, which can then be copied and pasted into your Web site. When a cardholder clicks the button, they are taken to MyGate’s secure payment page. Logos and details can be presented on that page so that the cardholder does not feel that they are leaving the merchants website.

A quick overview of the Button Payments solution:

  • Button design can be easily amended.
  • Specific variables such as transactional value, purchase item type and unique references such as campaign can be sent through to MyGate.
  • No integration or coding required.
  • Both the merchants logo and details can be hosted on the payment page.

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Payment Button Generator

Use our payment button generator to easily create payment buttons for your website. No coding expertise required.

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