Developer Introduction

Our integration guides provide an in-depth view on how to integrate to any of our solutions. Within each solution we provide API’s , documentation for integration, Response Codes and a Go Live Checklist. Shopping Cart and Snippet Code can be found within the Download menu.

If you are a developer integrating to one of MyGate’s payment solutions for the first time, these documents will give you a high level overview of the integration process. MyGate provides an extensive resource centre enabling you to gain easy access to all the information required for a successful integration to any one of MyGate’s payment solutions.


Create an account to Join the MyGate developer community and gain access to our sandbox, forums, knowledge base and other developer information. This will help you find answers to all your integration questions.

Test Centre

The test centre provides you will all the resources required to complete your testing. MyGate provides you with a test environment that will enable you to integrate and test prior to going live.

Response Codes

Response codes can be found in a message response for any of MyGate’s solutions and notify of the success or failure of a transaction. Generally, response codes are used to identify the reason for a failed or declined transaction and will display a reason code, message and description. These responses can be used by the developer to identify why the transaction failed.

Integration Guides

MyGate provides Integration Guides that will aid you with integration to the MyGate processing method you have chosen.
The integration guide includes the Transaction Pipeline specification format (Application Programming Interface API) for processing of all message requests and