Discovery how MyGate’s interface methods can be used in different market segments.

MyGate integrates with a wide range of shopping carts that work with online retailers. Our multi currency processing capabilities enable you to sell in a wide range of currencies aiding you with strengthening your brand.

Recommended Interface Methods:

  • My Virtual
  • My Enterprise

Additional Service Options:

  • Multi Currency (Acquirer & Country Specific)
  • 3D Secure
  • Fraud Module
  • Deferred Settlement
  • Global Acquiring

More Information

Compare API’s

When it comes to payment processing, MyGate offers a wide range of payment solutions. Compare our API’s and payment features to get a better understanding of what we offer.

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Sample Code

Speed up your integration using MyGate’s sample code. We provide sample code in an array of languages helping you to complete integration with ease.

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Shopping Cart Integration

MyGate has integrated to an array of shopping carts enabling hassle free shopping cart integration.

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About 3D Secure / Payer Authentication

See how integrating to 3D Secure can help reduce credit card fraud.

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