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Payment Gateway Solutions

Solutions Category Solutions Skill Level
Online Payments
Accept credit card payments from your website (eCommerce).
Button Payments | MyGate Development Centre Button Payments
Create payment buttons without having to code
None Learn More
My Virtual | MyGate Development Centre My Virtual
Use MyGate's hosted payment page
Low Learn More
My Enterprise | MyGate Development Centre My Enterprise
Gain complete control over the payment page and transaction process
Experienced Learn More
1Click Virtual | MyGate Development Centre 1Click - Virtual
Enhance your customers payment experience, conform with PCI
Low Learn More
1Click - Enterprise | MyGate Development Centre 1Click - Enterprise
Gain complete control over payment page and tokenization process
Experienced Learn More
Recurring Payments
Automated recurring payments schedule. (Subscription based billing).
RCCB - Virtual | MyGate Development Centre RCCB - Virtual
Perfect solution for subscription based billing
Intermediate Learn More
RCCB - Enterprise | MyGate Development Centre RCCB - Enterprise
Perfect solution for subscription based billing
Experienced Learn More
Fraud Prevention
Combat Fraud using our sophisticated fraud solutions.
3D Secure | MyGate Development Centre 3D Secure
Reduce fradulent transactions using 3D Secure
Experienced Learn More
Business Reporting
Transaction and System Reporting
Transactional Persistance Report | MyGate Development Centre Transactional Persistance Report Control data flow and reporting through multiple databases Intermediate Learn More

More Information

Singular Interface Types

Singular interfaces are payment methods that only require a single payment process for authorization.

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Derivative Interface Types

Derivative interfaces are classified as payment methods that often require a two part process that can comprise of multiple message types to complete a transaction or a registration component prior to the authorization being initiated.

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