Bill Payments

We offer an array of solutions aiding in payment fulfilment for monthly collections through multiple push and pull payment solutions. These include ebilling, recurring payments, tokenization and once off payments, enabling a self service model for cardholders. Solutions can be integrated to proprietary systems, ERP’s, Financial Systems and billing platforms. Transaction data can be pulled into multiple systems for reconciliation purposes.

MyGate provides Integration Guides that will aid you with integration to the MyGate processing method you have chosen. Within the integration guide API (Application Programming Interface) with notes on integration is included. 

Recommended Interface Methods:

  • My Terminal
  • My Enterprise
  • Tokenization – Enterprise
  • Recurring Credit Card Billing
  • Transaction Persistent Report

Additional Service Options:

  • Multi Currency (Acquirer specific)
  • 3D Secure
  • Fraud Module

More Information

Compare API’s

When it comes to payment processing, MyGate offers a wide range of payment solutions. Compare our API’s and payment features to get a better understanding of what we offer.

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Sample Code

Speed up your integration using MyGate’s sample code. We provide sample code in an array of languages helping you to complete integration with ease.

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Create a Self Service Payments Environment

Increase your collections rates while decreasing cost to collect money by creating a self service payments environment.

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